Get to know me 

This is the post excerpt.

  1. 18 Years old.
  2. More curls on my head than freckles on my face.
  3. Mother of 5 cats (Nala and Angus, who are brother and sister; Beans and Luna, also brother and sister. And the baby of my litter; Lasanga.
  4. Also mother of a black Labrador puppy; Bailey. 
  5. Just when you thought my mum would not let me have anymore animals in the house; when I was 11 I begged and begged for a turtle for my 12th birthday. We welcomed turtlelot into our home a few days after April the 3rd 2011.
  6. If invited to someone probably will not attended, and I don’t even feel bad about it to be honest. 
  7. For someone who snacks 24/7 I’m hungry an awful lot. 
  8. Can be lured out of bedroom with coconut rough chocolate and Apple juice.
  9. Will most likely fall in love with you if you hold the door for me while out and about.
  10. Has the potential to have really nice eyebrows if I maintained them more than twice every six months.

I’m really not 100% sure what I can write about on here not even 50% sure but I do find it very therapeutic to just be able to sit down and type (now I’m thinking I should have gone to uni and get a degree out of this interest of mine 😉) and I’m sure something in my life will come up and I’ll just need to write it down somewhere and I guess this will be my new “diary”. 

I can already tell a big part of this blog Will be bragging about how snazzy I find my animals (Lasanga on the left and Beans to the right)

The photo below is Bailey chewing on my bedroom window sill and because I thought it was funny I took a picture instead of growling him which I now regret because I have to somehow hide the massive chunk missing out of the window sill and the bit of missing wallpaper on my bedroom wall every time my mum comes bursting in.

I think this is it for my first post, purely because it is now 4am. Oops. 

I’m not sure how regularly I’ll update my blog but I’m sure there will be at least a new post every week as there is always something to write about. 

Can’t wait to introduce everyone to the rest of my domestic household zoo!! Goodnight xoxo gossip girl (is that copyrighted??? Can I get in trouble for using that?? #Yolo)